H9:30 CET – Livestream – Food as a Commons

Food as Commons – Dialogue for a Commons Food Policy

#FoodCommons #IUCommons #EUCommons #CommonsFoodPolicy

FOLLOW THE LIVESTREAM HERE BELOW: if you face some audio problems, open the page with Youtube. We are doing our best to guarantee a good quality connection.

Comment and ask questions via Twitter: @iuctorino

Tag: #FoodCommons #IUCommons #EUCommons #CommonsFoodPolicy

Click here for Programme and full list of participants

More info: http://www.iuctorino.it/studies/m-res

Food, a life enabler, a human right and a cultural cornerstone with multiple meanings, is increasingly treated and governed as a mere commodity by the neoliberal food policies that prevail in the Western World. This is specifically the case throughout the Member States and is epitomized in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The complexity of food, so relevant to any living beings and to the planet, is reduced to that of tradeable good and simplified by the price in the market, so that profit-maximization becomes the driving ethos of the food system. That happens to the detriment of producing and securing healthy and ecologically sustainable food for all and generates paradoxes and tensions.


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