Hilal Elver, ecofeminist and current UN Rapporteur on the Right to Food, joins the IUC faculty

Reinforcing connections with the UN family, Hilal Elver will join the IUC faculty members starting next year. The current United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food will give an interesting module connecting Human Rights, the UN framework and the feminist approach to food. Right to adequate food is a cross-cutting discipline that involves environmental, economic as well as social challenges. Women face significant barriers in tackling food insecurity because of their gender. Their vulnerability is exacerbated by discriminatory practices in the agricultural sector, where gender discrimination may affect women’s access to financing, to technical support and to other necessary resources. They usually also have less bargaining power or are excluded from decision-making on land use, preparation and adaptation strategies. The empowerment of women by way of equal access to education, access to land and technology is paramount to tackling hunger and poverty. We also need to take into account the knowledge and experience of local women. Adopting an inclusive human rights-based approach to food governance that focuses on vulnerable segments of the population is necessary to overcome climate injustices in relation to the right to food.

For info and in order to apply to the Food, Law and Finance Master, follow this link.


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