About the FLF M.Res.

  • The M.Res. in Food, Law and Finance is a joint postgraduate research program to inspire an eco-legal food advocacy marked by the signature pluralism and inter-disciplinarity of the IUC approach, and by the University of Gastronomic Sciences ‘long-standing concern for sustainable access to quality food’.
  • The M.Res. curriculum triangulates law and finance with a solid understanding of the processes underpinning the provision of food, to unveil the tensions and tradeoffs of the global production regime.
  • The program also cultivates a pronounced sensitivity to the ecological dimension: interrogating the global food regime equipped with the institutional inventiveness afforded by an expanded eco-legal literacy, and with the vision of ecological transition made possible by generative financial architectures.
  • Deconstructive and critical perspectives interact in the curriculum with a pro-active style of professional practice and active citizenship, to enliven the work of policy practitioners and researchers, and the strategies of civil society organization.