EVENT: Food as Commons

Food as Commons – Dialogue for a Commons Food Policy

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Food, a life enabler, a human right and a cultural cornerstone with multiple meanings, is increasingly treated and governed as a mere commodity by the neoliberal food policies that prevail in the Western World. This is specifically the case throughout the Member States and is epitomised in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The complexity of food, so relevant to any living beings and to the planet, is reduced to that of tradeable good and simplified by the price in the market, so that profit-maximisation becomes the driving ethos of the food system. That happens to the detriment of producing and securing healthy and ecologically sustainable food for all and generates paradoxes and tensions.

On March 25th, the International University College of Turin brings together academics, actors of the food chain, policy makers and eaters in a day of dialogue to explore the reductionist approach and present alternative narratives to reconsider and re-imagine food as a commons. In particular, the idea is to recognise the benefits of existing commons-based food systems in Europe (rural-customary and urban-contemporary) and to think about ‘commoning’ national and European food systems.

In our vision, such paradigm shift could open up a new set of food policies that will help Europe and its Member States transit to a just, healthier and ecological food system. A set of de-commodified food policies will then be discussed and proposed as a baseline for the next reform of the CAP, due to be approved by EU member states in 2020.

During the day, Jose Luis Vivero Pol (UC Louvain, Belgium) and Tomaso Ferrando (Warwick Law School, UK) will be discussing the coming book Routledge Handbook of Food as Commons(Routledge, due in late 2017). This book, with more than 30 authors, is co-edited together with Professor Olivier De Schutter (UC Louvain) and Professor Ugo Mattei (IUC Turin, Università di Torino, Italy).



9-9:30             Registration  (IUC Turin, Piazza Paleocapa 2, 2nd Floor, 10121)

9:30 – 10:15    Intervention by Stefania Giannuzzi, Environment City Councilor of the City                              of Turin

Keynote Speach: Jose Luis Vivero-Pol (University of Louvain, Belgium):                                                  Food as a Commons: a disruptive narrative enrooted in history

10:15-10:30    Coffee break

10:30 – 12:15  Sharing experiences of food as a commons (10 min each)

  •      Tomaso Ferrando (University of Warwick) – moderator
  •      Giacomo Pettenati and Egidio Dansero (Università di Torino)
  •      Marina Chang (Center for Agroecology Water and Resilience – Coventry University)
  •      Andrea Saroldi (Gas Torino)
  •      Luca Ferrero (ASCI)
  •      Damiano Disimine (People 4 Soil)
  •      Daniele Albanese (Caritas)
  •      Christine Frision (UC Louvain)
  •      Food Not Bombs

12:15-13:00 Collective Brainstorming Session (questions, commentaries, ideas)

13:00-15:00 Lunch Preparation and Sharing (IUC 3rd floor)


15:00 – 16:30 Four circular assemblies to debate about commons approaches to:

  1. Production : family farming, collecting wild foods (mushrooms, seafood, etc), agro-ecology, permaculture, urban gardening, incredible edibles, partial self-sufficiency, land access, local land races or commercial seed varieties, feeding lots, animal welfare. Chair: Giacomo Pettenati
  2. Distribution: super-market chains, street markets, small groceries, online orders…
  3. Eating: alone-together, ultra-processed food, home-made cooking, GMO labelling, universal food entitlement or charitable food banks, gig economy). Chair Christine Frison
  4. After-eating: transformative or reforming waste policies, linking food waste with circular economy, fostering food, energy, biodiversity and climate links. Chair: Roberto Sensi

16:30-17:00     Report Back to the Group

17:00 – 18:00 Beyond the CAP: a Manifesto.

Let’s transform the 1962 Common Agricultural Policy into a 2020 Commons Food Policy.


Due to space constraints, the event is by invitation only. However, a limited number of seats may be still available. Please contact the College in order to reserve your seat (and facilitate the purchase and preparation of food). E-mail: masterflf@iuctorino.it

To honour the idea and aim of the commons, the event will be livestreamed, recorded and widely distributed afterwards. Another event on ‘Food as a Commons’ will be organized in Fall 2017.

For info :

IUC Turin – www.iuctorino.it / segreteria@iuctorino.it

Master on Food Law and Finance www.iucfood.wordpress.com

Email contact for Event and Info on Master: masterflf@iuctorino.it

Facebook: IUCTORINO Twitter: @iuctorino

Relevant links:

#Foodcommons in Europe: 3 min Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdOh4oEOwJQ

15 Policy Proposals to transform the CAP: https://blog.p2pfoundation.net/food-commons-europe/2017/02/01


Tomaso Ferrando (Warwick Law School – IUC Torino)

Jose Luis Vivero Pol (Université de Louvain)

Giacomo Pettenati (Università di Torino)


Aleksandar Stojanovic (Real Collegio Carlo Alberto)

Alessandra Quarta (Università di Torino)

Alessandro Armando (Caritas Saluzzo – Progetto Presidio)

Alessandro Pirani

Andrea Benzo (Food not Bombs)

Alessia Toldo (Università di Torino)*

Andrea Pronti (Ircres – CNR e Rete ONG)

Andrea Saroldi (GAS Torino)

Carol Choi (Master FLF – IUC Turin)

Cecilia Marocco (GermogliaTO)*

Chiara Casotti (Casematte)

Christine Frison (UC Louvain)

Claudio Lombardi (University College London)

Cristina Reni (Food for Soul)*

Damiano Disimine (People 4 Soil)

Daniela Ciaffi (Labsus)*

Daniela Ueda (Master FLF – IUC Turin)

Daniele Albanese (Caritas)

Daniele Forte (Etinomia)

Dario Fracchia (City Mayor – City of Sant’Ambrogio)

Dragana Dordevic (MCFLP)

Egidio Dansero (Università di Torino)

Elena Cadel (Barilla Centre for Food and Nutrition)

Giovanni Venegoni (MCFLP)

Giulia Caddeo (Master FLF – IUC Turin)

Giuseppe Mastruzzo (Director – IUC Turin)

Herman Mutanga (Master FLF – IUC Turin)

Jospehine Schrott (Master CLEF – IUC Turin)

Kiya Tsegaye (Master CLEF – IUC Turin)

Laura Westra (Global Ecological Integrity Group)

Lidia Mahillon (Master FLF- IUC Turin)

Luana Lucena (Master FLF – IUC Turin)

Luca Ferrero (ASCI Piemonte)

Marco Boscolo

Maria Bottiglieri (Citta’ di Torino)

Marina Chang (Centre for Agroecology Water and Resilience)

Maurizio Mariani (Eating City)

Milan Urban Food Policy Pact*

Paolo Nosenzo (L’Alveare che dice si)

Rachele Ellena (UniSG)

Roberto Sensi (Action Aid Italia – IUC Turin)

Shantanu Choubey (Master CLEF – IUC Turin)

Silvia Giordanengo (Master FLF – IUC Turin)

Silvia Zucchermaglio (International University College of Turin)

Valentina De Gregorio (Master FLF – IUC Turin)

* To be confirmed